Soulfly planea planea gira en Latinoamerica

Esto salio publicado en el sitio oficial de Soulfly:

"There's many new things to say with this post.
First, we'll start off with the best information; SOULFLY shows.
In April, SOULFLY plans to undertake a small South American tour to countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.
However, exact dates for these shows are still being confirmed.
This is very exciting, because SOULFLY's been trying to get some proper shows lined up in South America for quite some time.
The shows won't be until April, but dates and ticket information should be available shortly, so stay tuned.
SOULFLY will also be playing the Vina Rock festival in Madrid, Spain on April 28th. It's a Saturday and its a very eclectic lineup, so it should be a fun time...

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HUmmm..otro vbuen conciertio..será cosa de decididr si ir a ver a GNR a Dragonforce o a Soulfly

Congrats bro Dark_AbraxaS you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...