Arjen sale de Stream of Passion

Con informacion de Paranoid Android:

Eh aquí un fragmento de una entrevista en su website:

Q: What are your plans concerning STREAM OF PASSION at this moment?

Arjen: Because I will be fully concentrating on the new AYREON for at least the next year, I have no more time for STREAM OF PASSION, so I quit the band. It would be unfair to have them wait until I’m ready, especially now things are going so well for STREAM OF PASSION.

Q: Does this mean the end of STREAM OF PASSION?

Arjen: Fortunately not, the band will continue without me. They will write their own songs and I’m sure there’s enough talent in the band to make a great new album and undertake successful tours without me pulling the strings.
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Chale, espero y el resto de la banda se sienten un rato y pensar dos veces antes de sacar un disco...

Que no demerito a la banda, pero "Arjen es Arjen", asi que no la tienen facil.

Congrats bro Paranoid Android you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...