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El día de hoy llego a nuestras oficinas un e-mail de Celtic Frost donde nos informan que el grupo no esta en posición de volar a México, debido a una infección del oído medio del baterista, Franco Sesa, por lo cual nos vemos en la necesidad de posponer la actuación de la banda hasta nuevo aviso, mismo que esperamos se haga mañana, junto con el ajuste de precio, por otro lado el show de Amon Amarth sigue en pie,para este Viernes 10 por lo cúal se anexara una banda nacional al cartel para dar tiempo de llegada al público.

Anexo lo que en las proximas horas se va a publicar en la pagina de Celtic frost y en el blog de Thomas Gabriel.

Celtic Frost News Release, August 7, 2007

Celtic Frost are forced to popone Mexican concerts due to drummer's illness

We were very proud and truly delighted to be invited to play our first
headline concerts in Mexico this summer. As we stated many times, playing in
Mexico was a long-held desire of ours. And almost everywhere we performed on
this globe in the course of the "Monotheist" tour, there would be Mexican
Celtic Frost fans who asked us when the band would finally come to their

It is with infinite regret, then, that we have to announce that we are
forced to postpone the two Mexican concerts to a later date. Our drummer,
Franco Sesa, has been diagnosed with an acute otitis media (an inflammation
of the middle ear) which has affected the inner ear and severely impairs his
sense of balance, among other serious symptoms. The inflammation first
became evident when we traveled to Finland to perform our most recent show.

Franco's condition deteriorated rapidly during the flight, and he
subsequently checked himself into Oulu's hospital shortly before midnight.
It was only due to luck and the abbreviated festival live set that he was
able to perform with us the next night. Upon Franco's return to Zurich, he
immediately reported for medical treatment.

We are extremely sorry to now have to announce that his condition has
unfortunately not improved as quickly as hoped and predicted, and Franco was
thus declared unfit to travel and perform by his doctor this afternoon.

We are of course aware that no words can make up for cancelled concerts,
especially such highly anticipated ones. But we wish to express our sincere
apologies to all of those who had intended to come to our Mexican concerts
on August 10 and 11, to all those Mexican fans who have written to us in
anticipation these past few weeks, and to the promoter in Mexico, who worked
so hard to make these concerts possible. We are still very much looking
forward to come to Mexico under better circumstances in the near future to
make up for the disappointment that this situation is causing.

Tom Gabriel Fischer, August 7, 2007

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Aghhhh!! No maaaaaa!! Yo los quería ver :(

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