Reacciones por la muerte de Michael Jackson

Aquí les dejo algunos comentarios que han hecho algunos famosos en sus sitios oficiales, twitters, etc. respecto a la muerte de Michael Jackson...

I really admired his work, it's a tragedy we lost Michael at such a young age...
- Ace Frehley

I am really shocked; as I’m sure the world is, to hear the news. I had the pleasure of working with Michael on ‘Beat It’ back in ‘83 — one of my fondest memories in my career. Michael will be missed and may he rest in peace
- Eddie Van Halen

Another angel down... I am very sorry for my friend Jermaine Jackson's loss. I lived with Jermaine for three weeks last year, and we talked about his brother frequently. He said to me, 'When you cut up my brother, you're cutting up me'. I feel for the Jackson family, because I know all too well how they feel. Unfortunately.
- Sebastian Bach

Thriller used to scare the hell out of me... Rest in peace, Michael!
- Marcela Bovio

Saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of Michael Jackson. He truly was, and always will be, a true icon. 'Thriller' was one of the greatest pop masterpieces of all time. A sad day for our world. R.I.P.
- Geezer Butler

He was the King of Pop,he’d said it all. May you rest in peace sweet Michael. You gave us all you had to give.
- Lenny Kravitz

He was not only a talented person, but he was unique, a genius. It's such a loss. It feels like when Kennedy died
- Celine Dion

Really sad news about Michael, he was a talent from on high.
- Slash

Terrible news about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. My best to their friends, fans, and families.
- Lance Armstrong

I am shocked and saddened by Michael's passing. I, along with his millions of fans, looked forward to seeing him tour one more time. Now, may he rest in peace.
- Tina Turner

My heart … my mind are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can't imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together.
(...)will live in my heart forever, but it's not enough. My life feels so empty.
- Elizabth Taylor

I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever. My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless.
- Madonna

On this tour I have been paying tribute to Michael Jackson by wearing his 'Beat It' jacket and rhinestone glove. The irony and timing is shocking. I am very sad. He was truly brilliant and the reason why I love to dance.
- Fred Durst

Michael Jackson was easily as influential as James Brown, and that's saying a lot. We had Vincent Price in common. I used him first on 'Welcome To My Nightmare' in 1975, and he later used him on 'Thriller'. Nobody moved like Michael, he was truly the King of Pop.
- Alice Cooper

I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news.
For Michael to be taken away from us so suddenly at such a young age, I just don't have the words.
- Quincy Jones

Michael Jackson — huge loss!!! The words genius and musical are used in the same sentence too often. Not in the case of Michael Jackson. His musical expression will never be topped and his inspiration will live forever. R.I.P.
- Rikki Rockett

Just as there will never be another Fred Astaire or Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley, there will never be anyone comparable to Michael Jackson.
His talent, his wonderment and his mystery make him legend.
- Steven Spielberg

I was on my way from Poland to Berlin following a show. At 1:00 a.m. I got the news and was immediately saddened. I remembered being 6 years old and seeing the Jackson 5 on our black-and-white TV. His brothers were cool but he had a halo around him. Superstar at 12. What promise. He had magic! It was by chance that I recorded and rearranged his song 'Billie Jean' and have been amazed at the response it gets when I perform it every night. He was amazingly talented and largely misunderstood. I hope that the media will be kind and celebrate the genius instead of cashing in on the tabloid angles that made him a prisoner. I think he deserves that.
- Chris Cornell

I am greatly saddened by the loss of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, especially for their children.
- Demi Moore

RIP. Sending love and light to family and friend but especially his kids
- Ashton Kutcher

I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me
- Lisa Marie Presley

My heart is overcome with sadness for the devastating loss of my true friend Michael. He was an extraordinary friend, artist and contributor to the world. I join his family and his fans in celebrating his incredible life and mourning his untimely passing.
- Brooke Shields

I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael. He was a massively talented boy man with a gentle soul. His music will be remembered forever and my memories of our time together will be happy ones.
- Paul McCartney

Every day the world mourns over the loss of a loved one, a relative, even a pet...but it's not every day the whole world mourns over a single person like they were a loved one or blood relative.
On Thurday, June 25, 2009, we lost an icon, a legend, a superstar named Michael Jackson.
I don't think there is a man, woman or child over 5 years old in the world who doesn't know the name Michael Jackson.
(...) he will be remembered through his music and his legend
- Jeff Scott Soto

I’m having a million different reactions I didn’t expect. He was a great singer - God gives you certain gifts and this child was an extraordinary child touched by this ability. He could sing like nobody else and was able to connect with people.
- Cher

Hard to know what to say — what to feel. I find myself wondering what might have happened on his tour… The number of dates in the U.K. that he had committed to was insane. I did have a feeling it was impossible, but I was so shocked to hear that he went so suddenly. Very sad. Of course, I still think of him as a boy — he used to come and see us (Queen) play when we were on tour in the States, and he and Freddie Mercury became close friends, close enough to record a couple of tracks together at Michael’s house. Tracks which have never seen the light of day. Michael was the boy star of the Jackson Five, and always the most screamed at. I remember in their show, they tried very hard to make all the brothers equal in the presentation, but it was abundantly obvious that all most of the girl fans really wanted to see was little Michael. It was Michael who heard our track ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ when he came to see us on ‘The Game’ tour … and told us we were mad if we didn’t release it as a single.
- Brian May

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, watching him and his brothers perform on television. He made performing seem easy and inspired my generation with his music and his grace. He was one of a kind and will be missed but his music will live forever.
- Geoff Tate
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